Cool Wall PC

Wall Mounted, Water Cooled PC

 Built over the course of two years, this machine is optimised for gaming, 3D rendering/modelling and audio production. All components are mounted to a frame covered in a carbon fiber sticker for a clean look. All cables and soldering are routed to circuit boxes at the rear, and a conduit running from the base of the frame to the floor ensures that cables are minimally seen. RGB LEDs are placed underneath the baseplate of each component, and waterblocks and fans were drilled/rewired to fit custom LEDs, all of which are combined into one independent circuit powered directly by the PSU and controlled by either a remote control or smartphone. The watercooling loop includes a pump, two radiators, a CPU block and a GPU block, allowing for continuous 4K rendering, 60+FPS and 'ultra' graphics settings while maintaining medium temperatures. 802.11ac WiFi and Bluetooth functionalities are built into the rear of the frame, and overclocking the CPU/GPU remains an option through internal or smartphone app.


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